Tuesday, 5 November 2013

COPD Awareness Month.

November is COPD Awareness Month and it hits close to home so I am passionate about spreading the word to as many people as possible. 

COPD is the 3rd leading cause of death and very few even know what it is. What's worse is the majority of those who have it, won't find out until it's too late to do anything to help slow down it's progress. 

To learn a little more about this debilitating disease, check out: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/lung/copd/event-listing/awareness-month/

Just over a year ago, I lost my mother to COPD. She was 68 years young. The last 6 years were a steady roller coaster rides made of mostly downhills. It was hard to watch the steady decline of such a strong, independent woman. Of course, not as hard as it was for her to be living with it. 

Now, for me personally, I have never smoked. Since the loss of my mother to this wretched disease, I find myself despising cigarettes & smoking more than I ever have before. See, I grew up surrounded my cigarette smokers. My mom, dad, uncles, sister, friends...everyone smokes. Thankfully, it had an off-putting affect for me. That, and I was diagnosed as asthmatic in 8th grade. Not only can I not stand the smell of smoke, but it causes serious breathing problems for me. 

I have never smoked and yet I am a prime candidate for COPD due to the extensive second hand smoke exposure growing up, the asthma, and other health issues. So for those of you out there who think that you are exempt from this 'smokers disease' because you have never smoked yourself, think again. It's not the 3rd leading cause of death for nothing! 

You are not going to want to sit by watching helplessly as your parents or loved ones pass away too early. 
Your children are not going to want to bear the loss of their parents well before their time. 
For yourself and everyone around you, take a 10 second screener to see if you are at risk, and then pass the information along to friends and loved ones. 

(In Loving Memory of my mother Dorothy Lee - I created this video last year - The Truth About COPD: An Anti-Smoking Plea video (slightly cheesy I know! It was my first one ever, be nice ;)):

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