Saturday 23 August 2014

ALS Bucket Challenge & the Californian Drought

     This blogpost is in response to viewing these before and after photos, and from reading so many comments on Twitter, Facebook and even on the comments below the photos.
     Quite shocking when the before and after pictures show the drastic difference and show just how dry it really is in California :(. I can only imagine the sense of urgency there is there, and perhaps bordering on desperation. Sadly, that is usually what it takes for a change to occur.

     But the people slamming the ALS challenge, saying they are so pissed off that the ALS bucket challenge hasn't stopped, that we are using up all the somewhat senseless. Participants of the challenge live worldwide. Someone in NY, UK, Canada, dumping a bucket on their heads and donating to the cause is NOT going to have any effect on California's water situation.

     Points that do seem to hold some validity are those made about:
> All the houses that insist on watering their lawns every day to keep them green, and people being excessive in the DAILY use of their water.
> The many golf courses maintaining their beautiful green lawns.
> An exceptionally dry rain season (only two rainfalls this year).
> The natural desert climate.
> Over population - more people than resources can handle.
> Climate change. Dun-Dun-Dunnnn. (even here in Vancouver we are experiencing some obvious changes.)
     I think the Californian government is in the right for giving fines of $500 to people who are visibly wasting water, and continuing to monitor the use. Also, for giving cash incentives to people who will convert their lawns into other, not-needing-of-watering yards.
     These pictures really help relay exactly what kind of situation California is dealing with. Hopefully people living in the immediate and surrounding areas will make the conscious decisions to conserve their water.

     I am fortunate enough to live in the rainy Pacific Northwest: Vancouver Canada. It's beautiful and green here and yes, often very rainy and grey. Doesn't mean we can be careless with our water usage either. I for one, take short showers and even follow (excuse the phrasing): "If it's yellow let it mellow, it's brown flush it down".
     That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to participate in the ALS Bucket challenge. People who participate have been doing the challenge AND donating ( for the most part ). Evidence is in the funds raised this year. Last year at this time the ALS foundation (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) raised 2 million+ dollars. This year they are around 30 million dollars! That to me tells me the challenge IS doing exactly what was hoped and intended for it. To raise awareness and to raise money. It is not contributing to the empty reservoirs in California.

     Anyway, this is just my response to the many naysayers on the ALS Bucket Challenge that make direct jabs and blame these participants for the sad state of water California is in.

What are your thoughts, on the drought or the ALS challenge?
What are some of the things YOU DO to conserve water?
I'd love to hear them!
P.S. I've donated $25 to ALS Canada ( even without participating in the bucket challenge, can you meet or beat my donation??