Sunday, 3 November 2013

Being Guarded.

I changed the title of this blog last week.

It used to be "Something New Everyday." And lasted two days.

Now that I have revisited and resurrected my attempt at blogging, I decided since that last attempt was an epic fail, I would start fresh with a new title.

"The Inner Workings of Me."

Ever since I have changed the title it has lingered on my mind.

I guess it suggests that I will get down right personal up in here. And I think it's correct. I plan to. I think it may be a new way to learn about sides of myself, by sharing them with you.

Ah, but there is the clincher. It would help if I actually shared it with people I know. Why is it I am more apt to share with complete strangers, then with those I actually know face to face? Not only in the blogworld, but in general. I think most people only know a surface version of myself. I didn't really notice how much I keep from people until I stop to give it some thought.

I recently went to a Writer's Conference, (which was the inspiration of this blogging business altogether - I plan to blog my experience of the SIWC 2013 here in the next few days also), and realized not many people even know that I am a writer. Okay, not only that I am a writer, but that I am trying to become an actual published author. It's because I haven't shared my work with anyone I know. I have chatted with a few friends that I write fiction, 'Romantic Comedies' as I'd say.  And got to wondering if that's strange. Are other people as restrictive with their writing? i mean, I AM planning to be a published author - there it would be out in the world for everyone anyway, so what's the hold up?

Especially considering I am here announcing that I plan to share the "Inner Workings of Me" with cyberspace. Somehow, it seems to make the personal less personal, and perhaps easier.
So, this will become an experiment:
Not only how much of myself I can uncover and share here with all of you out there.
But how many of YOU are people I invite to this blog as people I know.
Hopefully step by step I can become less guarded, and open up to the world.

I guess only time will tell ;)

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